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Ag Warranty Inspection

$100 Ag Warranty Inspection

What is a Warranty Expiration Inspection?
A Warranty Expiration Inspection is an inspection that tests all of the machine’s operations and features. Any needed repairs that are identified and covered under warranty will be scheduled and performed by one of our factory trained techs.

When is this inspection performed?
Approximately 30 days before your machine goes out of warranty, our goal is to handle any necessary repairs during this 30-day period while the machine is still within the manufacturer warranty period.

Where is the inspection performed?
The warranty inspection may be performed at your nearest Wright Implement dealership location.

What if there are needed repairs that are not covered under warranty?
John Deere warranty covers any defect in material and workmanship, but sometimes damages such as wear items are not covered. In these cases, a Service Professional from Wright Implement will communicate the anticipated expense before performing any repairs. We will also advise you on how critical each item may be. At that point, it is your decision on whether to proceed with the recommended repairs. Anything found that is not warrantable would not fixed unless the customer approves the repair.

What can you expect to pay?

If no warrantable repairs are needed, you would pay $100.

If warrantable repairs are needed, you would pay nothing for these repairs.

Ag Warranty Inspection