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2100 Minimum Till Ripper

2100 Minimum Till Ripper

John Deere
2100 Minimum Till Ripper
  • Variety of working widths available
  • Mainframe extensions
  • Setback brackets for staggered standard pattern
  • 3/4-in. straight shear-bolt standard minimizes soil and residue disturbance
Working width2.3 m 7.5 ft2.7 m 9 ft3.05 m 10 ft3.8 m 12.5 ft4.6 m 15 ft5.3 m 17.5 ft6.8 m 22.5 ft
Transport width3.05 m 10 ft4.1 m 13.5 ft5 m 16.5 ft6.7 m 22 ft4.7 m 15.5 ft
Operating depthMaximum40.6 cm16 in.
Miles per hour6.4-8 km/h4-5 mph
Horsepower per standard22.3-29.8 kW30-40 hpDepending on soil type, moisture, and depth of operationNOTE: Maximum compatible tractor engine - 231.2 kW310 hp
Spacings76.2 cm30 in.91.4 cm36 in.
TypeIn-line ripper
Option 1Standard: 3, spacing: 76.2 cm30 in.
Option 2Standard: 3, spacing: 91.4 cm36 in.
Option 3Standard: 4, spacing: 76.2 cm30 in.
Option 4Standard: 5, spacing: 76.2 cm30 in.
Option 5Standard: 5, spacing: 91.4 cm36 in.
Option 6Standard: 7, spacing: 76.2 cm30 in.
Option 7Standard: 9, spacing: 76.2 cm30 in.Rigid
Option 8Standard: 9, spacing: 76.2 cm30 in.Folding
Option 12.3 m7.5 ft
Option 22.7 m9 ft
Option 33.05 m10 ft
Option 43.8 m12.5 ft
Option 54.6 m15 ft
Option 65.3 m17.5 ft
Option 76.8 m22.5 ft
Option 86.8 m22.5 ft
Option 13.05 m10 ft
Option 23.05 m10 ft
Option 33.05 m10 ft
Option 44.1 m13.5 ft
Option 54.1 m13.5 ft
Option 65 m16.5 ft
Option 76.7 m22 ft
Option 84.7 m15.5 ft
Size102x152x0.9.5 mm4x6x0.375 in.9 standard: 152x152x9.5 mm6x6x0.35 in.
Maximum underframe clearance89 cm35 in.
Option 13-point hitch for integral
Option 2Single point for pull-type
Option 1Pull type: 1 SCV (lift) at 17,237 kPa2500 psifor optimum raise times
Option 2Low transport: 1 SCV (fold) at 17,237 kPa2,500 psifor optimum raise times
OptionsIntegral, or 7- or 9-standard pull type
Three-point hitch requirementsCategory 2, Category 3 and 3N (with Quik-Coupler)
Pull-type descriptionLevel Lift
Spacings76.2 cm30 in.91.4 cm36 in.
Option 1Trip forceShear bolt: 3,265.9 kg7,200 lbStandard type19 mm0.75 in.or 31.75 mm1.25 in.Straight with wear shinShear-bolt
Option 2Trip force1,451.5 kg3,200 lbTrip height30.5 cm12 in.Standard type19 mm0.75 in.Cushion trip
TypeSpring cushion coulters
Pounds of forceNormal working load: 272.2 kg600 lbDeflection of: 10.2 cm4 in.Maximum trip load: 362.9 kg800 lbDeflection of: 20.3 cm8 in.
BladesStraight or rippled: 559x4.5 mm22x0.177 in.
DescriptionTwo adjustable wheels on 3-, 4-, 5- and 7-standard sizes. Four adjustable wheels on 9-standard integral only. Drawn hitch machines do not require stabilizer wheels.
Down force113.4 kg250 lb
Size10.2x40.6 cm4x16 in.
Spacing19.05 to 35.6 cm7.5 to 14 in.
Angle adjustments0 to 15 degree (angle)
TypeStabilizer wheels
Wheels52.1x20.3 cm20.5x8 in.
Tires10 PR
Description12.5L-15 tires for 9-standard pull-type; 11L-15 tires for 7-standard, pull-type; 9-standard has 8-bolt hubs and spindles
Additional featureReplaceable wear shin
Option 1Set back brackets

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