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Top 5 Implements for New Tractor Owners

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Whether you’ve owned a tractor for years, or you’re just beginning to research your first model, it’s important to know which implements you’ll need. From versatile implements with many uses, to highly specialized tools that you can’t go without, we’ve put together a guide for the top 5 implements you need. 

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Front-End Loader

A loader bucket is one of the most versatile implements you can add to your tractor. Use a loader to lift, dig, move and disperse material quickly and easily. Think of it like a wheelbarrow but half the work and twice as fast. Most of our tractor packages come with a loader to save you time and money, and get right to work. 

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There are plenty of choices to keep your grass cut. If you’re working on overgrown fields or larger properties, a rotary cutter may be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for a basic mower attachment to keep your lawn in shape, check out the AutoConnect™ Mid-Mount Mower Deck, and turn your tractor into a riding mower in a matter of minutes. 

Box Blade

Another highly versatile implement is the box blade. They can be used to level and grade gravel driveways or lots, building paths, dispersing dirt and much more. Users can also employ the box blade as a rear ballast when lifting heavy with the front-end loader. 


You’re sure to get plenty of use out of a backhoe. From digging trenches to planting trees, or even handling and moving materials, this implement will soon become your best friend. Whether you’re in construction, landscaping or gardening, you’ve definitely got a use for a backhoe. 


Finally, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of a spreader attachment. These will come in handy while seeding a feedlot, spreading fertilizers, planting grass or salting for the next freeze. You’ll save plenty of time that you’d have spent doing it by hand, and you’ll notice much more consistent coverage. 

Honorable Mention: Post Hole Digger

While the post hole digger doesn’t make our Top 5, it definitely has the potential to make your life easier. If you’re fencing in a garden or pasture, this is a must-have. Not only will it speed up the process, it’ll be much more precise and uniform, and will offer a much sturdier build in the long-run. 

Plenty More to Choose From

These are only a few of the many choices you can make to enhance the efficiency of your new equipment! While we’ve listed some of the most widely used implements, there’s plenty more that may save you time, work and money on your property. Call or visit your nearest Wright Implement to discuss your needs. 

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